Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gay's Seafood, St.Helena Island

Gay's Seafood is a tiny little seafood market in Northern Beaufort County, at the tip of St. Helena Island, right before you cross the bridge to Harbor Island, on the way to Hunting and Fripp. The seafood docks are pictured in countless images of Beaufort County, and are still active docks.

Can you tell I love the self-portrait feature on my camera? Josh and I at Gay's Seafood in front of the now beached Tide Runner.

It's sad to see The Tide Runner in this condition. This was the shrimp boat in Forrest Gump.

These shrimp docks are a pretty famous image in Beaufort County, now all the better with our mugs in front of them.

We're laughing because as I am taking this photo, we are listening to the running commentary between two shrimpers, one of whom is lamenting his terrible hangover. 3 pm and still miserably hungover.... don't miss those days.

ARGH, matey. You just gotta love a pirate.

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